Segmented Newsletters

Breakthrough the marketing clutter with targeted, species specific email communications that engage your customers with the information they care about.

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Segmented and Relevant

Deliver relevant, customisable newsletters that are optimised to drive awareness on pet health and your services, appointment bookings, and practice growth. Partnering with VetCheck, we’ll create the perfect campaign for you, every month using the most popular, trusted, and educational content from the veterinary world.

Dog-specific newsletters

Stay relevant and build trust with dog-specific content. From behaviour, training, nutrition and seasonal health tips, the GoVet informational newsletters are optimised to increase open rates and click-through rates.

Cat-specific newsletters

Demonstrate authority and expertise on cat health. GoVet newsletters offer your customers relevant, seasonally-based information that promotes proactive healthcare and awareness.

Event-specific newsletters

When an unexpected event occurs or an update within your practice; reach your clients with timely, accurate, and clear communication via email.

Benefits of Segmented Newsletters

Segmenting your email-marketing lists helps you Practice achieve better open and click rates. By honing your focus and messaging to targeted groups within your client list, your clients will find your newsletter far more meaningful and relevant to them.

Increase Open Rate

Segmented newsletters get 14.31% higher open rate than non-segmented newsletters.

Better ROI

Segmentation increases email campaign revenue by 760%.

Increase Click Through Rate

Segmented newsletters get a 100.95% higher clicks than non-segmented newsletters.